Windows Update Stuck Pending


I’m not sure if these operations would cause any other problems (and if it safe to do so.), but at least I can install features now. And these are what I’ve done.

It’s important to backup before doing these.

Basically, I’m cleaning CBS update pending records.

  1. Open regedit, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component
    Based Servicing
    . You will see PackagesPending, right click it, open Permission. Click on Advanced, change owner to Administrator (or any other users you are using). Close Advanced Window. Give that user Full
     in Permission Window. And delete PackagesPending.
  2. Repeat 1. to Reboot
  3. Open X:\Windows\WinSxS in explorer, you will see pending.xml. In its Properties, repeat 1. And delete pending.xml.
  4. Reboot and everything looks well now.

And, don’t forget backup registry and files you deleted.


RDWeb Password Reset Error


User receives this error when trying to change their password using the rdweb password reset site:

Your password cannot be changed. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

Solution: Make sure user is using correct password complexity rules.

Getting Schannel 36874 Errors



To workaround this issue, we can set the event logging value to 0 under:


Basically turning off Schannel alerting.